Project Reports

Making the Clean Energy City in China: Year 3 Report, 2013.

The Year 3 report includes the papers:

  1. Clean Energy Urban Design in China:
    An Introduction to the Empirical Analysis, Practice, and Policy of Low-carbon Neighborhood Development.
    Dennis Frenchman, Christopher Zegras, J. Cressica Brazier.
  2. The Energy Proforma:
    Measuring neighborhood energy performance for design, development, and urban policy.
    J. Cressica Brazier, Shan He.
  3. Simulation of Household In-home and Transportation Energy Use:
    An integrated behavioral model for estimating energy consumption at the neighborhood scale.
    Feifei Yu, Christopher Zegras.
  4. Neighborhood Energy Performance Policy for China:
    A Proposal for Improving Urban Energy Efficiency through Regulatory, Municipal Finance, and Market-Based Strategies.
    Qianqian Zhang, Liu Liu, J. Cressica Brazier.
  5. Implementing Energy-Efficient Neighborhood Form in China:
    Cases of Residential Planning Regulation and Practice in Jinan and Shenzhen.
    J. Cressica Brazier.


Making the Clean Energy City in China: Year 2 Report, 2012.

Making the Clean Energy City in China: Year 1 Report, 2010.


Dissertations and Theses

Yu, Feifei. Simulation of Household In-home and Transportation Energy Use: An Integrated Behavioral Model for Estimating Energy Consumption at the Neighborhood Scale, 2013.

Chen, Yang. Neighborhood Design and the Energy Efficiency of Urban Lifestyle in China: Treating Residence and Mobility as a Lifestyle Bundle, 2012.

Wang, Dong. Household Operational Energy Consumption in Urban China: A Multilevel Analysis on Jinan, 2012.

Zeng, Heshuang. Integration of Renewable Energy with Urban Design, Based on the Examples of Solar Photovoltaics and Micro Wind Turbines, 2011.

Jiang, Yang. Does Energy Follow Urban Form? An Examination of Neighborhoods and Transport Energy Use in Jinan, China, 2010.

Zhang, Jiyang. Operational Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions in the Residential Sector in Urban China: An Empirical Study in Jinan, 2010.

Wang, Jue. The Form of Clean Energy Neighborhoods: How It Is Guided and How It Could Be, 2010.


Studio Publications

Designing Clean Energy Cities: MIT-Tsinghua Urban Design Studio, 2010.


Project Studies

Clean Energy Neighborhoods: Global Scan, 2010.

Clean Energy Development Patterns, 2010.