How does neighborhood form shape the ways we use energy?

Making the
Clean Energy City
in China

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Support for this project was provided by MIT, the Low Carbon Energy University Alliance, the Energy Foundation, and the MIT Energy Initiative.

Try out the Energy Proforma ©, an online analysis and design tool that estimates the energy use of a city’s residents based on their neighborhood’s design characteristics. In the Urban Taxonomy, explore the many forms that clean energy neighborhoods can take. Learn about the research on energy consumption and neighborhood design in our publications.
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What is the Energy Proforma? How does it work? Learn about the 6 prototypes for clean energy neighborhoods and international precedents.
Start with a clean energy neighborhood prototype for a shortcut analysis on your site. Explore the Proforma and understand how urban form influences energy use.
Start using the Energy Proforma for your unique neighborhood design. Evaluate your neighborhood's energy consumption with the full Energy Proforma.